K9interaction is a place to come for relaxed, fun but informative dog training in a beautiful safe enclosed setting. Our goal is to help you train your dog and spend some quality time with them and like minded people. We also want to help make sure that your dog would never end up in a rescue centre.

We run a wide range of activities including agility, gun-dog work and obedience, scent work and toy training. We suggest working on your dogs overall interest in you but we can focus on just specifics if you prefer, lead work, recall etc
We feel all dogs would benefit from whistle training as well as using toys to help you interact with your dog to make training easier and more fun. We can either work on a more formal approach or if you prefer your dog to chase a toy or drop it at your feet we can adapt the lesson for you and your preferences.

Alongside training we run K9interventions which is a small non-profit charitable dog rescue, you will often see the older residents adjacent to the training area popping out for a sniff around. These are older dogs that have health or behavior issues, these dogs cannot cope with normal life and they come to retire with us, where they enjoy living in a friendly pack and taking life at their own pace. In the past we have rescued all breeds but now we feel we should concentrate Gun-Dog breeds mostly Spaniels and spaniel mixes. We have the right setup and experience to focus on these energetic but wonderful dogs.
We are funded by people sponsoring our oldies and the donations mean that we can continue to save the lives of the dogs that need us as a lifeline or help them to be retrained before finding their forever home.

Please consider sponsoring today.