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k9interaction dog home boarding, we are licenced by North Hertfordshire Council for up to 6 dogs. We are now taking bookings for 2024 for dog home boarding, this is for k9i members, existing clients and new clients that have had a recommendation for our services by friends or family. If you are new to us then please get in touch before setting up an account on our booking system, just so we can explain how things work before you spend time putting in all your information. We are sadly currently closing our books to new entire male dogs over 18 months and dogs that sleep upstairs. This is so we can give those existing clients the availability and service they need.

Your dog will stay in our home with experienced people who will try to replica your home environment as much as possible, it is an alternative to boarding kennels. Our daily fee is £35

It is most suitable for friendly, social dogs that enjoy the company of people and other dogs. The dogs can interact with other dogs or be kept separate and when unsupervised or at night they will sleep in a suitable room ie kitchen, living room on their own. They will need to be happy that they cannot always interact with all of the other dogs in the house at that time and be use to being behind a shut door, unfortunately we can not cater for dogs that are use to the freedom of the whole house whenever they wish. We do not allow dogs to sleep in our bedrooms but we will do what we can to help settle them down stairs. 

We will arrange an introduction to meet you and your dog and be able to answer any questions that we have not answered on this site. If you wish to make a booking that is 3 days or longer your dog will need to have at least 1 trial sleep over beforehand.

When your dog stays with us you need to bring their normal dog food and although you do not have to bring any bedding or toys you are welcome to do so, this can be discussed at your introduction.

We have a booking website that makes things very easy and ensures we have all of the relevant information we need to comply with our licence requirements and look after your dog in the best way whilst they are with us.

On this website you can make and view bookings, update information about you and your pet.

The process is easy! Once you have made your booking enquiry, we will receive your request and hopefully confirm availability and reply back via email. If we are unable to accommodate the dates you have requested, we will let you know and offer potential alternatives or a waiting list.

Once your booking availability is confirmed a £50 deposit is required within 72 hours (If your total stay is £50 or less then a £25 deposit is required), this is none refundable but we will transfer to another booking if more than 72 hour cancellation notice has been given. You will then receive confirmation email of your booking and receipt for deposit. 

The remaining balance is to be paid 72 hours before arrival.

 We can take bookings over the phone if you are not wishing to do electronic administration but this may take slightly longer and we will need you to email certain information or give it to us in person on your introduction visit.

k9i Terms-and-Conditions update May 2023.docx