Group training

1 LESSON PAY AS YOU GO £15 / 3 HOURS of LESSONS per month £35 /UNLIMITED LESSONS per month £50 / 1 to 1 at Weston £30 / 1 to 1 at your location from £35 /

We hold group classes on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday and these run for the first 3 weeks of every month. We train outside in all weathers and our aim is to have fun with our dogs and have some quality time with just them, leaving work and home-life behind. 

Classes last for 1 hour but as most are set up back to back you do have the  option to do a double session of 2 hours. We keep the number of dogs to a minimum to ensure you get a fun and worthwhile experience. 


Our agility lessons are great fun and  we use a range of equipment, including jumps, tunnels and weave poles. 

You can take it at your own pace, and there are excellent benefits for both you and your dog. You can run or walk along with your dog and the fun part of sending them on whilst you learn the shortest route.

Agility is a good way to improve your dogs obedience, to mentally challenge them and we now have a class that is ground level, which is aimed for the older dog, dogs recovering from injuries and for people that may want to do the course in a much slower but equally still fun way.

We run classes for all abilities, dogs of all ages can take part but dogs under 12 months will focus on foundation work rather than jumping .  Unfortunately we are not able to currently have dogs in these classes if they are overly reactive to dogs, if this is the case please get in touch and we can go through what other options we have.


Retrieving and or finding toys, whistle training to recall, change direction or stop at a distance and searching out a scent to get the dogs nose working and to get a reward are the main focuses of these classes.

Scent work

New classes to be arrange for Autumn / winter